Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I mentioned how I couldn't pronounce the letter 'R' properly before, but now I can right.
The thing is, if I'm reading or saying it just in my head without vocalizing it out (baca dalam hati), I still can't say it properly. I have no idea why it's like that even though I can decently say it out loud. I've tried many times, but it still sounds 'agh' instead of 'arr' in my head. This worries me ='|
on another note; I just remembered why I suddenly took the 'R' matter real seriously. Of course I knew it was bad and I should correct it since I was little.. One of the first 'R' incident that I remember and hate is when I was in the 3rd Grade (9 years old), the teacher asked if anybody has nephews or nieces, and I said that I have, and his name was "Arif", and she couldn't tell what I was trying to say. (she heard "abiff", "avef", wth) Gaahh that was so rude, teach DX (but then I was too tough for elementary school kids to pick on, so only the teacher had the guts to point on me like that. after class, nobody even talked about it again lol)

Then, in Form 3, my Malay Language teacher asked me to read something, and there's some parts that had a lot or R's in it, so it became quite obvious that I couldn't say it, and one of the girls pointed it out. (damn maybe i was being too soft on her. tch.) I figured that either I could shut her up, or eliminate my flaw. And being a growing-up teen who only has a few more months in that school, I just let her off and concentrated on pronouncing R correctly for a new school the next year. I know I was too rough for a girl, and thought that I should 'soften down' before I hit 'maturity' XP (and that is why I was not so rough, and did somewhat less cursing in Langkawi)

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