Thursday, March 24, 2011


I think that the English language is more casual than the mother-tongue.

I see cursing in Malay as badder worse than cursing in English. I casually say 'damn', 'shit', 'what the hell', but it'd take a lot more to make me say 'babi'. And I could even swear that I've never cursed using 'k*m*k', 'p*nt*t', etc. The worst I've used might be 'b*t*h'.. and that's only when I was 14-15 years old (hello raging hormones and rebellious stage ^^;) It's funny how cursing in one language might mean a lot less in another: 'go to hell' = 'pergi neraka', 'pergi mati ah kau' = 'you go die', 'p*nt*t' = 'vajayjay'.. i mean, who curse like "you vajayjay!! *angry face*"..? Maybe because I just see that V term in a medical, scientific way.. but some people might see it as very rude, idk.
Then, what do you think about lovey-dovey, cheesy, jiwang stuffs? Is saying those stuffs in English seems more casual than saying it in your mother-tongue? For me, it is. I can write, say, and listen to those cheesy lines without even blinking if it's in English, but if it's in Malay, I'd feel like "ewwww arghhhh jiwang haramm berbulu telinga" ^^; (that's one explanation why I don't listen to Rock Kapak Melayu =p) People say "I love you", "I miss you", much more frequently than "-insert their direct translations here-" (sorry couldn't even bring myself to type those arghh hahaha)

So that's just how I feel. I know for sure that (most of, usually) the Japanese view this issue the same as me. They rarely say 'aishiteru', instead they say 'suki'.. 'ai' (love) is considered very 'heavy' compared to 'suki' (like).

p/s: oh man.. i was restraining myself from cursing too much in Langkawi, but then when I got here, cursing seems so.. casual. damn it. arghh i should (at least try to) stop cursing before going back to Malaysia. urghh else they'd think I've gone bad.. T_T


raindrops_on_my_head said...

i curse more nowadays too.. :P

raindrops_on_my_head said...

and yeah... i feel like Malay words sounds a bit too yucky... too deep? :P

Dr.Senbe said...

i don't feel that it's 'yucky''s just..too sweet for the ears hahahha

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