Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm stubborn. hard-headed. but not hot-headed. even from when i was little, i was really stubborn. orang melayu kata degil betul. keras kepala.
but i hate getting scolded or yelled at. even when they say it in a slow, non-aggressive way, i'd really hate it. that's when the bongsu-syndrome kicks in. i'm really sensitive at being lectured at. i hate it because i don't have any immunization against it. i'd felt like crying so easily if i know i was at fault and then they keep lecturing and reminding me of my fault. but usually i don't cry, as long as i can hold it in. TEARS ARE FOR THE WEAK lol. BUT. only people who i care about, or i respect could induce those *sorry i know i was at fault* feelings. if you're somebody i don't give a shit shoot damn thing about, i'd just brush you off like i'd do with a house fly. so. if i'm acting somewhat spoiled or not-cool (cold?) in front of you, just *I'm sorry. I couldn't help it* I'll try putting on a more stoic, professional front, but.

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