Monday, February 28, 2011


          People says "don't mock others", right. Who knows if that thing we mocked about, could happen to us, or our children. My dad was a teacher (he's retired now), so he's kinda strict when teaching how to read Al-Quran.. he often scold people who couldn't pronounce a certain letter correctly. For example, the Arabic letter 'ra' and 'gha'. So once (or perhaps many times behind his back), his pupils say 'you just see.. you'd know how hard it is if your own kids have that difficulty too'.
          So it happens. My dad's kids (us!) got it. But the weird thing is not all of us have it: only most of the male siblings (my brothers), and I got it. (haha yeah I was the only girl sibling who got it. what luck T_T) I had it bad until I was 15 years old. Then because I was so sick of getting picked and teased on this pesky, petty thing, I started brushing my tongue everytime I brush my teeth, and soon when I transferred to a new school the next year, I just got better.. People could hardly tell I couldn't say the letter 'R' before.
Things just happen the way it did, so I'm just glad I got better =)) i myself have had this hardship before, that gives me the right to brag about it, and mock others who cannot say 'R' correctly, right? XDD


cc said...

si pelat


Dr.Senbe said...

tapi sekawang dah tak.. kitew dah pwektis leww XDD
lol rse nk terajang x? hahahh

wawamagic said...

aku lg maju, bole pronounce R 5 thun lbih awl dr ko. xD
(antara kes lmbt ha3)

Dr.Senbe said...

ko pnye R 'awr' ah.. jnis R bdk mengade2 keke

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