Sunday, February 27, 2011


hellooo =))
The FAQ above means Family's Answers&Questions, not some random Frequently Asked Questions.. yeah sorry i just love puns ^^;
so let's start this!
My side of the family calls my dad "abah".
The step-family calls him "ayah".
Even among the siblings including the step-sisters, I am the youngest.
But I refer to myself as just "Yah", or "saya".
The youngest step-sister, who's born in the same year as my older sister immediately above me, calls herself "adik".


cc said...

apa ni cerita pasal si gila tu kat sini? kena samak blog ko nih. ada najis!

Dr.Senbe said... ni psl babi pon dh cte..
no (more) harm's done ;))

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