Tuesday, March 01, 2011


          I have a lot of siblings (there's 14 of us!!). So we don't have nicknames according to our order of birth, like the first one is "Along", the second one's "Angah", and the last one's "Adik/Usu", etc. Imagine if we do indeed call each other like that.. "yo number 4!!", "hi, I'm number 13 =))" lolol ^^; Once, when I was about 10-11 years old, I asked #7 while we were picking the ciku fruits from the tree; "why don't we have nicknames by our order of birth like other families?" *insert innocent face here*, and he went quiet for a while because I was being too random. Then he said "no, but we have other nicknames like 'Gepeng', 'Mendit', etc." and laughed it off. Those are jawa-language nicknames.. 'gepeng' means flat; my oldest brother got that nickname because his face is kinda flat when he was a kid. And 'mendit' is my sis's.. because she's too spoiled XDD
sigh what's better to show our affections than by calling each other (funny, mean) names right ^^;


wawamagic said...

n ur nick is kambing bandot

Dr.Senbe said...

ADIK, jgn suke2 pnggil org cmtu ah.. ADIK. ADIK. ADIKKK EWW XDD

cc said...

#7 abg on kan? aku kena kira from a.din utk tau sape no 7. haha.

apsal ko masukkan gepeng n mendit je? ledeng, nenek kintan, toyak n dompot???

in denial? haha

Dr.Senbe said...

haha yah pon kne kira dulu gak =p
tu je yg tringt time tulis keke
n of cos la x tulis psl nn sndiri kn ;))

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