Monday, May 20, 2013

diy - jubah/long dress with waist accentuator and puffed sleeves with cuffs

i think this project is the first one that popped up in my head, the one that really pushed me to actually try making clothes. i saw this fabric, touched it and just fell in love with it, the colour, the material, the weight.. sighs. plus it's purple =P i immediately want to turn it into a long dress, but don't want anyone else to sew it for me (sometimes i'm cerewet like this) so begin my journey.

like before, i used the same cutting/pattern for the shoulder and sleeves part, except making the sleeves wider. then learned a new skill: making the A-pleats at the back of the skirt, and cuffed sleeves. i think i'm getting better at this pleating.

precision sewing? engineer at work here ppl
more vain pictures just because i love how i look in this :v

a few issues here and there, but oh well. turned out ok B|

(yayy siap baju raya hahahaha)

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