Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Courting noob

How do you know if you're in a relationship?

Do you have to have that declaration, or question asked,
"will you go out with me?"
"Will you be my girlfriend?"
"jom kapel/dating"


Or you simply just hang out and hang around each other enough (meaning a lot) until one day suddenly both of you know that you ARE in a relationship.

Right now i'm pretty sure he's not dating/courting any girls, but how do i know if he's trying to court/courting me?

I'm pretty sure he likes/enjoys spending time/hang out and around me.

Sometimes when i told him something like hey have you watched this n that, coz i'm going to the movie tonight. And he'll be like with who else, what time etc. then when he said he cannot join (i didnt explicitly ask him if he could), he also said "ye lah, pergilah.." Like giving me permission. I dont know why but sometimes i just want to make sure when i go somewhere with other guys/girls, he knows about it. Like i dont want him to hear about it from somebody else. I'm not asking for his permission though. I'm just letting him know.

Also i know that we both know that we had a scandal. People used to talk about us when we first got in. Not sure how he reacts to it.. There's no sign that shows he's denying it or dislikes it.

But some time ago i heard that he also had a scandal with this other girl. 😤 Never asked him directly about it though..

Lately he's becoming more okay with us two being seen together. Like to bazaar ramadhan or carpooling to the trainings etc. 

And he's talking about (his friends') wedding a lot lately. 

Oh well i'll just enjoy the ride.

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