Sunday, May 19, 2013

diy - cotton blouse with sleeves

advancing another skill in making clothes: making something with sleeves.
it was a daunting prospect at first, but i just bulldozed the process by tracing a pattern from a shop-bought blouse, which is easier than measuring your size and thinking how to curve this and that.

turned out great i think.. i can see this blouse becoming one of my favourites ;)

feedback from office akaks:
"comel.." (i didn't tell her i made it myself)
"eh pandai pulak buat camni camni. jadi2. boleh order lepas ni hehe." (after i told her i made it myself)
"tipulah. beli dr kedai ni. lain kali kena ambik video tunjuk jahit sendiri." (i even showed them my mini sewing machine)

material: Vietnam cotton, extra from Cikna's clothes last year haha

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