Monday, April 08, 2013

budak pelik 3

this guy's seriously sweet.
i was rushed and had to skip lunch hour to finish work
(mak gave me some food so i don't mind eating a bit later.. don't have to go out of office for lunch)
even before he went for lunch he was like "eh you're not going for lunch? are you fasting??" in a teasing tone but changed to a concern one when i kept the serious-busy-garang face haha
and later when he came back (after lunch), he saw me still serious-busy-garang, so he lynced me instead, "x break ke? x lapar?"
hahahh that made me chuckle a bit (and also touched) haihh budak pelik
duduk depan2 tapi tanya guna lync

pstu boleh pulak ckp "ko ni nasib baik perempuan. kalau lelaki aku dh geletek dh.. cmni2"
*buat gaya tangan geletek org*
not sure patut gelak or rasa creepy

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