Sunday, May 05, 2013

diy - sleeveless top 1

again, the domestic goddess in me felt like resurfacing these few weeks back, wanting to make clothes. so i did my homework and studied up some dress patterns and sewing guides online, and finally ordered a cheapo mini sewing machine (RM69 at ilovediscounts hehe). this  mini sewing machine is really simple and easy to use, even a completely nooby me that have fear of operating the bigger sewing machine can use this.
(srsly, this is my first time ever handling a sewing machine, and i think i did okay)

long story cut short, i finished my first diy clothes project. took me a few hours.
the cutting and combining the parts are quick, but i spent a good one hour after that for fittings. else the top will be too boxy and unflattering.

what can i say. i'm a genius HAHAHHA

achievements unlocked : jahit baju =P

next projects should be some jubahs/long dress..

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