Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Workplace politics & people

Ok, so now my seat is quite far and separated from the rest of my team. The pros: if i come in late in the morning or back from lunch, my bosses won't notice it. The cons: hard to communicate with them. Slow to team-bond, sampai boss cakap it's like there's a wall between him and me. Yeah, no shit, since it's rare for us to just chit-chat out of the work scope, because you don't expect me to walk all the way from my seat in the middle of the building to their seats, which is at the one end, just to chit-chat? But i won't complain much about it now.

But sitting at a table that's not my team makes me feel like an alien. I don't know many of them, and they just know that i'm kinda new, and from test dept. That's it. Pros: what they think will only affect some of the 360 review/feedback, it won't directly affect my performance analysis. Which is cool, because i can sort of ignore/don't care about them, as long as my direct & upward bosses are happy with me. Also, it's not like i'll be constantly working with them. Cons: they don't know me, or my work. So they're more likely to arrive at their own presumption, and judge me with a prejudiced stranger's eyes. Example, if i go directly to the lab in the morning, and only go up to my desk, let's say, at 10am, they'll just think that i come in late, not bothering to give me the benefit of the doubt.

Well anyway, like i said, should not bother much about it, since even if they talk about it to my boss, my boss will know that i was at the lab.

Also, overheard at the pantry this morning: "... Dah la budak baru..." there's people gossiping, and i'm well aware that i am up for being gossip materials as all others. But uh well, it's not like what they say will affect my paychecks, so no thanks, i don't give a fuck.

P/S: no i don't think they're talking about me at that mo'

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