Friday, September 14, 2012

Lucky break

Yesterday i got an invitation for an informal session/lunch with 2 of the biggest boys in our company. They were in SEA for a visit or something.. The email was sent to about 7-8 employees, so the first thing i checked was everyone's titles/position. I was totally whoaaaa because everyone else, though from different departments, has the word "manager" somewhere in their position title. Me? I'm a test engineer only. And a graduate one at that.. So i replied "i don't think you intended to send that email to me, though i'd love to be there.." lol
But she replied that it is really for me, and that either my superior or HR has nominated me to join that lunch with the big bosses session. I was so nervous that i talked with my direct reporting boss about it. The first thing he said was "it wasn't me" lollll but then he encouraged me to go and talk and be myself there. He said that i'm lucky, and it's a really great chance to meet and talk with them, don't worry about it.. I think i'm really lucky to have him as my first line manager. He just assured me that i can just say anything i want, it won't affect my performance ;)) hahahh hearing that made me a lot calmer. Also, he suggested some questions to ask and to list down whatever i want to ask.. You know just to be prepared.
So during the session we had some sandwich, and talk about stuff. I was so nervous that my hands were freezing cold and i think they noticed when we were shaking hands haha. But i know that this is a very very rare opportunity and i should make the best of it; make my presence known or something. Also, a few of them already met and their names remembered by the big boys and it was only my first time. I need to make more effort and speak at their level. once we're seated i just collected myself and talk as if i'm in an interview. They asked me a few questions, and i asked them some. I was really enjoying myself and wanted to talk more when the allocated time was over. Really wished it was longer. I listed about 15 questions; had only talk about 2. But i think i made my presence known at least.. I rank myself as 3rd out of 7 or 8 in terms of who spoke most. I mean all of them are manager level you know, and i need to talk at their level and be at ease. But i think i did an okay job.. Had even made them all laugh ;))
I don't know the hikmah behind this happening to me yet, but i really am grateful =)

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cc said...

the next time you had a chance like this, pls flirt! kakakakaka

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