Friday, August 24, 2012

Supernatural Eid

Few nights ago, i went to Wawa's home for a Raya visit. Brought 4 of my nephews/nieces (Shukrii, Syimah, Hisyam, Anas) with me, to play with Wawa's 3 nephews. It was 9:20 when we went out. I took Cikna's car. The kids all played around, running and jumping here and there.

Suddenly Anas, after running from the kitchen direction, said that he was scared,
and pointed to the ceiling/ somewhere above the door of Wawa's bedroom. At that time I didn't feel anything yet, just remembered that sometimes small kids are able to 'see' these things. Someone of us asked, what was Anas scared of, and he replied, "kucing." Then someone explained that maybe he's scared because he saw some teddy bears inside Wawa's room. I thought it was probably nothing, so I left the matter at that.

At around 10:10 we were going home. So we all shake hands and give some Duit Raya to the kids. Then Wawa said, she felt something was amiss because at first when we just arrived, she counted the number of kids I brought, and it was 5. Still haven't tie things together, I thought it may be simple air-headedness/ short-sighted counting error Wawa did. But she insisted that she did count 5.

Then I counted who I brought, just to make sure I don't leave anyone behind, so I took a quick roll-call and get everyone in the car. As soon as we get in the car, and we're past the gate, I felt something was weird. You know the feeling when something just feels spooky. I was trying to ignore it, get the kids to talk about how they just met and played with Wawa's nephews, when just after the first junction/ turn we took, Anas suddenly said,
"tadi Anas main lari-lari. Lepas tu Anas duduk. Anas nampak hantu."
Then we all fell quiet. and all of us changed the topic and the other kids joked about it. I was glad that I took these kids with me, else it'd be too spooky in the car alone. I just concentrated on the road while they chit-chatted. Then one of the kids asked, "Anas, kenapa tak duduk?" And somebody else answered, "Anas memang tak suka duduk dalam kereta." (which is to some extent true) Also, Anas was being really quiet then. After he said that he saw a ghost, he didn't speak until later when we got home.

I was feeling spooky all the way, so I was really glad when we get home. Then when I took some extra turns and reverse to park the car, Anas suddenly said, "ape CikYah buat ni" and Shukrii made light of it by adding, "you, what are you doing, you're not very good at reverse-parking.." Thanks, Shuk. 0__0

Even when I stopped the car and turned off the engine, I still felt the spooky. I carried Anas, and he said that he lost one of his sandals. I tried searching for it quickly, using my hands to roughly skim the floor of the backseat, passenger seat and the driver seat, but I didn't find it, so I just get Anas and said, "tak ape lah, kita cari esok ye." Then he counter-asked me, "kenapa tak ape? kenapa cari esok?" I felt weird because he was being really quiet during the drive, but now he's asking a lot. You know the feeling when someone already knows the answer why, but he's just messing with you? I felt like he/it knew why I was rushing to get out of the car and get in the house, but just wanted to see what I'd answer.

And then Nadhirah also asked the same question when I carried Anas with only one sandal inside. She said,
"mana satu lagi, kenapa CikYah tinggalkan dalam kereta?"

Another thing, x tau la ade kaitan dgn sesi supernatural malam tu ke atau memang si Adam ni sengal sikit. Die pergi sellotape pintu masuk rumah, n bila org tanye kenapa sellotape pintu tu, die cakap sebab x nak bagi orang masuk. time kitorang dah kat dalam la tapi. Agaknya kitorang terpikap ape-ape la kot on the way ke rumah Wawa tu. Sebab memang lalu jalan gelap-gelap, jalan dalam kampung.


Najwa Frankenstein said...
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Najwa Frankenstein said...

my mom said the same thing, dia pun perasan u brought 5 kiddies. plus, adam usually buat keje aneh ada reason, maybe he saw something psl dia dh biasa nmpk & x heran. zzz... wallahualam.

UMAH said...

itu seram..

Dr.Senbe said...

Mak Mon ckp hari ke berapa raya tu ade org meninggal kt parit selamat, area2 yg aku lalu before smpai rumah Wawa.

jeng jeng jengg ..?

cc said...

sape yg ko bawak lg sorang tu? @.@

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