Tuesday, July 10, 2012

of lync and my x reti flirt dgn ramai orang

mintak2 la org ofis xde yg smpt jumpe blog ni before di-unlink dr segala laman sosial hehe.

1. there's this guy (psl lelaki lg. duhhh) at the office, who had lync-messaged me a few times. every time he started the conversation with a "peewwwittttt" the first time, i just played the fool; "ni status ke message? haha x pernah guna lync. selalu guna ym je." <--innocent

2. then the next time, he asked for asl (age/sex/location). i was like err is this a chat room? was never a chatter online, but at least i know what asl is (thanks cikna, for letting me shoulder-chat you when you were crazy about chatting online some 10-11 years ago). also, since he's already met me, we're working at the same company, and that we've talked in a general group and they all know that i'm 23, what's the point of asking me this? so i went "sukati lah mntk2 asl. ingat ni chatroom ke?" <--garang

3. the next and last time; (he never messaged me after this) he asked for my phone number. fyi, all of us who chose to put our phone numbers in the company website/database, the contact info is viewable for all others. so i was like err it's there on the website, just get it from there, why are you asking me this? it's redundant. he persistently asked again, "ade eh. ala nk phone number, please?" i don't know why i got annoyed at his 'please?' maybe it was the wrong time of the month, or something. so i replied, "ade lah. ni mesti malas nak pergi ambik kat website ni" <--avoiding to answer like a lady

on the other hand, he (another person, not the one from above) suddenly asked me today, "eh jap ko msti ade fb kan. nak add boleh?" heheeee don't know why. the fact that he asked for permission is really sweet. dah la cerita pasal die skrg dh x slalu on fb sbb kena sound dgn pakwe awek yg die kaco2. sedap je ayat, "aku kan suke kaco2 orang. pstu ade pakwe orang yg aku kaco tu sound aku." aku balas lah, "ko pun satu, g kaco awek orang buat pe?" die boleh defend diri sndiri cmni: "ha tu la salah korang. fb ni kn laman sosial. msti la tmpt bersosial, main kacau2." aku: "haha memang la, tp kalau orang kacau awek ko, ko pun marah gak." dia: "tu la masalahnye, aku xde awek. single."

x tau kenapa, chatting-session kami petang tadi agak berbaur flirting sedikit. (mcm atas tu boleh kira flirting kan, ke tu sbnrnye borak2 biasa? serius x tahu haha n00b) berjalan pulang dengan happy sekali tadi senyum memanjang kemain eh

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