Monday, July 09, 2012

of weddings and old crush (pt.2)

so last weekend, i went to another friends' weddings. went all the way north to Penang nun. road-trip with Keena and Moon, we tapau-ed some Domino's (yum!!) arrived at Keena's house Saturday subuh. then we ate some stuffs and ice-creams, and slept until near noon.

first we went to Anep's wedding, arrived there around 2pm. his wife (Fatin) is really pretty. pandai ko cari eh yg lawa ayu2 keke. while we were eating, my old crush arrived there too. at first we noticed each other i guess, then i played cool and just continued eating (yay food) but he came over and specifically talked to me, like how i went all the way from Johor, etc. then he went to eat with the rest of the guys. we took pictures with the bride and groom...

then we went to Azlina's. got there around 4pm. didn't eat the rice, ate only the crab noodle and cendol. Azlina, Dayah, Moon, Dilla, and Keena are all ex-St.George's, so everytime their old teachers came, i'd be left at the table. sob. nasib baik ade Nabil. ke Nabil ex-St.George's jugak sebenarnye? haha
Took pictures with Azlina and husband, Nouri:

O.C (Old Crush) randomly talked to me while we're walking towards the car; "Hidayah, ko bila lagi?" from the context, fahamla he was asking when i'll get married.
1. he called me by my full name, lol. usually either they call me Yah or Dayah for not-so-close people. Usually guys call me Dayah since Yah sounds too overfamiliar and like a very close nick-name. but i liked it, that he called me Hidayah rather than Dayah. I sincerely don't like being called Dayah. Maybe because i've known other Hidayah's being called that, and that i've also called other people Dayah, i just feel that Dayah is not me/my name. so yes, i was happy that he called me by my proper name, unlike last time when he didn't even remember my name.
2. i jokingly replied, "tahun depan, tahun depan," glanced at him and burst out laughing. (nothing's funny i know, but the fact that my old crush is asking me that now, is just, so, uh, yeah) and he retorted, "eh betul-betul la ni." Me: "haha xde lah. main-main je." Him: "xde, bukan ape, (rumah) aku dekat je, boleh datang nanti." Me: "iye, iye, nanti jemput *grins*"

then all of us went to Nubli's house. He prepared some food (more food!!) for us, like a mini-reunion. Had some laksa and some kuihs. tumpang solat there... sorry for intruding, really. but from the way his mom talked, she's dah biasa with her kids' friends coming over like that. she must be really nice and kind, to do all that =) also, sort of weird to be coming over to a friend's house, that i don't think i've spoken to in school haha. i have a very small circle of friends you know =P thanks again for inviting all of us, including me not so-close people *malu* keke

I think i talked/interact with Mr.OC a lot more then than when i was in Langkawi. i know... i'm a coward haha. again, forgot to take a picture with him. only remembered when we're all in the car, heading back already. i just went quietly 'ah. (damn forgot again!)' next time, promise, next time. (puh janganlah jumpe mase terdekat ni *pengecut*)

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