Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Girls, Girls.

a few months back, when i was looking for a rental house, i asked around a few people. one of them is the cute girl i was talking about; the one that i got bad vibes from, like she doesn't like me very much. let's call her Cutie. i heard from people that her house has one empty room, so i texted her and her housemate. her housemate said that she's fine if i want to join them, but check with Cutie first, since she heard that Cutie was bringing another girl in. so when i asked Cutie, she said yepp, room's about to be filled in by an operator early the following month. i don't know why, but i just feel like she doesn't want me to go live with her.
so then i used a housing agent and got an under-the-table deal for my current room. it's quite fine really, and it's very close to my workplace! so i can sleep in more and get ready later =)
so now, after i got all sorts of comfy with my current living situation, i got a few offer for house rentals. like the house of the former senior (she quit and moved to Penang), and Cutie's house. this afternoon she sent me an email, asking if i know anyone who's looking for a house, and that she has 2 vacancies. about 1 month before, a technician asked me if i have some empty rooms to rent, because she and her housemate are trying to move away from their current house. so as the technician was there when i got the email, i asked her about it; whether she'd found a new house yet, and if not, Cutie's have 2 vacant rooms, which would be enough for her and her housemate. then the technician went all weird and had some look with another technician there. and i know by that look that she's not fond of living together with Cutie. So i insist them to tell me why, and ta-daah, i got some stories on Cutie ;))
The technician actually had lived with Cutie for 3 months before this. from what i heard, i think even i won't get along with Cutie very much. she's the type that is very controlling, and only sees what she had done, not others. very much like the Police that i hate. i had once lived with Police for a summer, and damn she smells baaaadddd. dah la busuk pastu aircond letak suhu tropika. Cutie doesn't smell bad (as far as i know), just that the perasan bagus part is similar.
then afterwards, she replied to my email, saying that wasn't i looking for a house? oh honey, that was SO months ago! i don't know why, at that time when i was still looking for a house, she was kinda cold to me, so i was THIS close to being cold with her now. also, i was wondering why her house suddenly has 2 vacancies, in a period of 3 months? one of Cutie's housemates moved in her parents', so that makes sense since she fell sick before this. but what about the operator? cannot stand her?
maybe it's just me being bitter, but i just can't help but not feeling sorry for her. i was hectically looking for a house back then, and now it's your turn. the world goes round and round..


cc said...

poor cutie
kih kih kih kih kih

Dr.Senbe said...

I don't have any pity left for her.

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