Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wedding & Old Crush

one of my classmates got married today, and i met with my old high school crush there. maybe because i'm just over him, i don't feel much self consciousness as before. talked a bit with him. never did that before in high school. lol. he looks okay, i guess. very fit hur hurr. got that short spiky hair that i like back, not that unbecoming long 'do. but he's a smoker! shocked!! well good thing i've gotten over him right, since smoking is just a big NO for me. he said he didn't remember my name lol sobs. and he said it's hard to recognize people from 4-5 years ago, since we all look 'different'. haha but hey that could've mean for the better right.there were also some other guys and girls present at the wedding, and it was quite fun to just sit there, catch up with them, and mostly just hanging out reminiscing about the fun old time.

i went to the wedding with my high school gang. so later that night we went out for dinner, bought a german cheese cake, and ate the cake at iCity shah alam. it's awesome getting to meet up with these buds =D
*happy times*
p/s: remember that post i listed all these things i wanna do before i'm 30? dang i shoul've asked him to get a picture together so i can get one item on the list ticked. sighs muka tembok-ness where are you

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