Saturday, May 19, 2012


seriously, if karma's real, then i must have done or am doing something right. because i feel really blessed.

Also, i think my dolat (karma) is quite strong. I've blogged about some of the incidents. but recently, about 2 weeks ago, when i was still taking cab to and from work, an accident happened right in front of my eyes. the first day i went to work from my current house (Monday, 30th April), i hiked a ride from this cab. the driver was a Malay old man (maybe 50+, lots of grey hair), he was kinda grumpy and not friendly. along the ride he kept honking pedestrians to see if he can pick up any more passengers, but they're not waiting for any taxi actually, so he tsk-ed every time that happened. and he was going to stop and let me off at the junction of the main road, so i said, go inside la uncle, and he kinda tsk-ed again, but nevertheless he went a bit further. then he stopped and let me off at the next junction, which is still quite far from my company actually (about 500m). the fee was RM3.00. It was my first day taking the cab, so I thought that was normal. luckily when i was walking along, my boss got there and offered me a ride.

(Tuesday, 1st May, Labour Day - Public Holiday)

So the next few days (Wednesday and Thursday) i still took a cab, and they all sent me right to the front gate. and the fee was still RM3.00. (teksi sapu, share ramai-ramai passengers, x kisahlah. keluar awal dari rumah, so x rushing pun)

Then came Friday. I was quite late out of the house (8:20am, usually I went out at 8:05am) so there's less cab passing than usual. then i waved to this one taxi at the right-most lane, and what do you know, it was that grumpy uncle from the first day! i recognized him right away, and having experienced that usually other cab drivers send me right to the front gate, i was kinda displeased that i'll ride with this grumpy pakcik again. right when i was thinking "urgh malasnya nak naik dengan pakcik ni..."


out of nowhere, a motorcycle collided onto the left bumper of that cab. the cab was trying to change lane from the right-most lane to the emergency lane/ shoulder of the road to pick me up, but maybe he was too greedy and hasty, he didn't see the coming motorcycle. The motorcycle got unbalanced and fell down on the curb, a mere 2 meters from me. the left side mirror of the bike broke. the rider's an indian. he cursed at that uncle, and told him to call police/mechanic/insurance. i was like err so am i involved in this accident or not? after a lot of cursing, the indian then glared at that uncle, and that uncle looked at me, and then the indian looked at me too, and i was thinking no, i don't think i'm involved in this, even though the cab driver was trying to pull over for me. so i just waved for another cab and got the hell away from there.

seriously, it's not my fault right? i know i was thinking some negative thing at that time, and kinda wishing that i won't have to ride with that uncle, but i didn't specifically wish for him to get into an accident. so really, it's not my fault right??

then today, there was training at the company, took a cab there. the problem was the ride back home. me and another girl (she lived at bandar putra, not near my area) planned to walk to the bus station near the main road, but then the trainer offered us a ride. he let her off at the bus station, but since my house is along his way, he said that he'll drop me off there. usually the akak i got free ride from dropped me off at the side of the main road, then i'll have to cross myself, but it's ok since my house row is right next to the main road. but then this afternoon it was raining so heavily, so suddenly. so the trainer said he'd feel sorry for me if i have to walk in the rain, so he sent me right to my house. he was really kind. and i felt so glad that i was being quite nice to him during the training session (answering his questions, being the goody-goody students, eat and chit-chatted with him during breaks, with that other girl also). see? i think my mom's right. she said kalau kita baik dengan orang, orang baik dengan kita jugak.

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raindrops_on_my_head said...

haha.. soo not ur fault :P those kinda stuff do seem to happen when u wish for sumtin.. wish properly, u might get it all, and then some :P

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