Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Girls & Chocolates

Recently it came to my understanding, why there should always be chocolate stack near us, and more amazingly, why girls act cute and to some extend, dumb. It's unfortunate, but you know it's true. (but it's okay, because the alternative is that they're just really that dumb, and not just acting, which is waaaay more unfortunate)

1. Keep that chocolate stack near!
Chocolate is a great source of sugar, hormone-enhancing somethings, and happiness. Today in the office, I was feeling kinda tired (not unhappy), when suddenly i smelled this melting-delicious-sweet-mother-of-chocolates wafting through the air. (I think it was not just my imagination) so i got the urge and luckily i had a mini mars bar my colleague gave me that morning. Also, when you're working and use a lot of your brain power, your blood sugar level decreases. For example, spot translators always have some chocolate bars on hand, else they'd get dizzy after doing some translating. (watched this on Japanese TV show; Himitsu no Arashi-chan)

2. To get the boys, act cute and dumb!
maybe because i just watched the sitcom Hot in Cleveland marathons last weekend, and the movie The House Bunny last night, that i made this observation. Is it true that boys don't like smart girls (or should i say girls that are smarter than them?) because it made them feel self-conscious and intimidated and loser and dumb and loserrr? Is that why some girls made some real effort to appear dumb? I don't think that I'm dumb. I think I'm pretty smart. A little above average-smart. Not a genius or brilliantly excellently outstandingly smart, but I'm quite satisfied with my smart-ness. So would you say some guys would probably feel intimidated with me?

there's this guy i tend to act cute with. not dumb, just cute. there's tons of opportunities for me to act dumb in front of him, but i didn't. rather, i was quite proactive in the class/session and was probably the favorite trainee among them. so you could say i didn't hold back anything. but that's a different matter from acting cute right. work is work, play is play. Last week i  just randomly got this realization; 'damn i like being cute with him. damn i actually want to be liked. damn i didn't even care/get mad when he mocked my being a last child and calling me spoiled.' you see that's how much i understand girls' behavior now. 5 years ago i asked a guy friend of mine; "why do girls tend to act cute and spoiled with a guy?" and he just looked weird at me, and laughed, "if you don't understand it, then it's not time for you to understand it yet." so now that i understand it, i can proudly say that I've grown up a little, yes? I hope he likes smarty-pants girls, because i know I'm not dumb. plus he doesn't have to feel intimidated of me, because i know he's a pretty darn smart guy.

there's this girl that i just got the vibes that she doesn't like me. maybe it's because I'm new there and she's just like that with not-close people, or it's just towards me. During the lunch chit-chats alone, I heard her said "what... I don't understand that. what do you mean? tell me, tell me..." to this one guy, for like, 5 times. I don't know if she's just that dull or slow or just acting the perfect adorably clueless part. I sure hope she's just acting because she works in the same company with me, for goodness sake. sighs cute or not, I'm just glad that i am somewhat more knowledgeable than her. kalau x, dah la x comel, bodoh pulak tu haha

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