Saturday, November 19, 2011

bumming... and counting!

I am 22yo, I have a B.E., and I have been to quite a few places, if I may say so myself. So Life's pretty good to me right. Not being ungrateful or greedy, but i think my life's missing something. Perhaps a guy. A passion (read: something to be passionate about, like a hobby, etc) maybe. A f***ing JOB? Definitely.
It's not the work or the working hours i'm looking forward to, but it'd feel right to earn your living and be independent. Because Independence and Freedom is the cure to helplessness.
Right. 6 months into unemployment, (or some would call it post-graduation break) and life's a bore. Oh pls something, just happen already!

P/S: if i have my laptop, it wouldn't be this sucky. My life or this post, you say? My current life, of course. And then i wouldn't have to post this sucky post at all.
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