Sunday, October 23, 2011

ore Kelate ke gue nih? ker owrang Kay-Elle?

hahahh ^my own far-fetched take on their slangs

in every one of my trips to KL, i'd been asked for directions and stuffs; 50% by Malays, and 50% by English-speakers (tourists?). do i look that much like a KL-ians? it's a relief that i know some basic things about the train ways, despite being a beginner myself; only started using them this year.

another thing, i'm not a Kelantanese. I'm from Johor. but a couple weeks ago when i was buying some mineral water before going in to see the Al-Hijab movie, the Indian cashier there suddenly started speaking Kelantanese with me. I doubt that he's a Kelantanese himself, since his slang sounded hardly authentic. and one of my highschool teacher once randomly in the middle of a lesson, asked if I've been in a religious school, and when I said no, he asked if i'm from Kelantan. What makes me look like i'm from there??

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