Friday, October 21, 2011

How'd they read it??

I checked this blog stats for fun. (and no, I do have a life) -checked it since I haven't been updating regularly after I got back to Malaysia, just wondering if, y'know. and all that-
Curiously, there's a spike as you can see on 17-18 Oct 2011, while the rest is just pathetic *dork*
what's more unusual than that spike itself, is that the audience is mainly from UK. US I can somewhat understand, since I used to study there until last spring.. maybe some of my juniors missed me? d'aww ^^; errk lolz haha *awkward* ...but UK?? albeit having some Malay-speaking friends up there, I don't think it'd get to that many.
1. so now we should hypothesize that not all of them speak or understand written Malay, which in turn leads to our Google translate.
2. on 17 Oct I posted the "muka cantik tapi.." (pretty face, but..) entry. That day was the one with the hike, so naturally I make the inference that that post was the reason.
3. Result:

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