Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strobe Edge

          it's weird to admit that i don't know how love feels like. i know that sometimes your heart goes 'thump', 'thump' or orang jepun kata 'doki', 'doki'.. but even when it's not about love, your heart can get like that if you're in exciting situations; like while doing sports, doing something 'bad', or when your adrenaline's pumping. so how do you make sure it's one thing, and not the other?
          I've never been 'head over heels' over someone, so I don't know if that's something to be glad or pitied for. it's good because you can never be hurt because you just simply don't care enough, but it's bad because you're missing out on some fundamental emotions in a human's life. I, for one, would really like to know how it would feel to be in love. ice-cream love makes people happy right. I started on this one manga called Strobe Edge recently, and it was so cute how the girl falls so deeply in love with the guy. She goes 'kyuun', gets 'doki', 'doki', blushes, and becomes more feminine.
          It this what they call a 'heart-thumping love story'? Seriously, at first I was kinda irritated because she's kinda a klutz and so naive, but her cuteness grew on me. I think that she's cute. And she doesn't act like a selfish shoujo heroine at all. she's not overly trying to be strong or overly dependent on people. I mean, yes, she's kinda unreliable in a sense that she takes people's words for words and easy to be tricked, but she's not annoying or a drama queen (unlike many other shoujo heroines). I like her because she's honest; she cries when she wants to cry, and laughs when  she wants to laugh. Who else would spontaneously blurt out their confession in public, at the train station, during peak-hours? seriously ^^;; She's simply likable. And I like her. A lot.

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