Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Third Base
          Last time, I talked about "untainted women" and career women, so going along with similar social issues: What do unmarried Muslim Malaysian ladies think about holding hands, kissing, (and God-forbid this) out-of-wedlock sex? I've always thought and saw they go up to the holding hands base, but have never witnessed the other two. So before, I just assumed that they indeed keep it at just holding hands, not more than that. Sometimes I read it in newspapers or magazines, or watched some news and TV programs, and they said that Muslim teenagers/ young adults in Malaysia nowadays are more casual about sex. They're seen while kissing and making out in public. But then again, I have always perceived that as a faraway-phenomenon; something other-worldly, committed by some strangers, and perhaps only a minority of us (Muslim Malaysians) do that. There's also a lot of babies being born out of wedlock, and it makes me do a re-take of this whole situation: usually you have to have sex to make babies, so that means if there's that many out-of-wedlock babies out there, then that amount equals to how many people have sex out of wedlock?
          The same goes with the Muslim drinking alcohol issue. I have always assume that the Muslims around me or whom I know, do not drink, despite the rumors saying that some Malaysian Muslims do drink. Reality never dawns on me before; was I being too naive, choosing to turn a blind eye away and believe in whatever good is left in people? And by doing so, am I forcing my ideals on people?
          I'm not  preaching. I just want to know what's considered 'the norm' right now. Is it 'normal' for a Muslim couple to be doing the 1st, 2nd, or even the 3rd base?

p/s: I'm not asking if it's right or wrong, because I know, and you know, that it is wrong. I'm just asking is it 'normal'?


wawamagic said...

tak normal bila buat dosa dibawah kesedaran. dan yg menegur pula akan turut dianggap x normal. =.= (prnh kena)

Dr.Senbe said...

aku x prnh tegur..just bertanye, then org pon pandang aku pelik gak haha

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