Friday, February 18, 2011

what a woman is

(baiklah cikna yah tulis ejaan penuh lagi baku, sakit mata lagi tak baca?)
"nak cari 'perempuan yang belum tercemar' sekarang memang susah"
(orang katalah, aku mana tahu -tak pernah pula aku nak tanya sorang-sorang dah dicemarkan ke belum.) Dalam artikel ni (klik link untuk baca), memang lah bagus dia puji budaya Maghribi masih tak terpesong dengan budaya barat.. how Maghribi women are still 'pure, untainted'. But the way they said it, i feel like it belittles a woman's value. I myself am a conservative girl (or some people would call it 'kampung'). So I understand why men would want 'good girls' as their wives. I acknowledge how they praised them Maghribian girls; like how they watched what they eat, hygienic natures, and some other healthy, beneficial habits.
          But at some point of the story, they commented that these girls were good, obedient girls such that when a guy likes her, he just need to go ask for her hand in marriage from her parents only, then if the parents agree to it, she'll just nod her pretty head and be the forever obedient wife of that man. Also there's this one remark i found very demeaning of a woman's value: "she doesn't have a career (professional/job path) or a mean to get one, so she'll devote her entirety for the husband's sake and well-being". Tell me, what year is it now? I mean, come on. Of course i know that the courting procedures mentioned just now is the correct one by Islam, and i'm not saying anything bad about it. and it is a wife's duty to keep her husband's well-being.
          Since well before, since our prophet's days, women play more than just the home-maker roles. Say, what about Siti Khadijah? Wasn't she his first wife, and that she's also managing a very prosperous business? Sebab aku pun jahil bab-bab sirah dan sejarah, sila google sendiri untuk contoh lain. (haha ok sorry aku fail bab-bab sirah macam ni)


cuppies4you said...

aku bukan soh ko tulis ayat skema. boleh tulis ayat pasar tapi jangan guna short form.

saya dah lama perhatikan awek ni..tapi nak usya malu la pulak.

sy dh lm phatikn awek nk usya malu la plk.

skrg faham?

maaf komen off topic! haha

Dr.Senbe said...

paham jeww hahahaha
moyang2 tu sje je buat2 emo, kte kne ikut mood entry kahaakahkahs

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