Thursday, February 24, 2011

places to see

some places i wanna come see:
  1. Malaysia (terengganu: pulau kapas, perhentian, redang. pahang: pulau tioman. johor: marine national park)
  2. the Borneo (sabah, sarawak, brunei)
  3. indonesia (bali, java)
  4. thailand (the markets, just riding a bike or shopping)
  5. japan (tokyo, yokohama, hot spring and snow in sapporo, okinawa)
  6. the caribbean sea (esp. the greek islands)
  7. ireland (the dewy greens! the castles! the faerys!)
  8. australia (adelaide, shopping in melbourne, perth, the capital sydney, great barrier reef)
  9. brazil (rio de janeiro, amazon)
  10. africa (the great pyramid of giza in egypt)
  11. the wonders of the worlds (hanging gardens of babylon, the great wall of china, stonehenge, taj mahal, machu picchu in peru, potala palace and everest in tibet)
place i've visited:
  1. Malaysia (langkawi, pulau kukup, penang, port dickson, teluk cempedak, pantai cahaya bulan, kota tinggi, genting highlands)
  2. USA (new york, washington DC, orlando florida, smoky mountain, nashville)
  3. canada (ottawa, toronto)
  4. europe (eiffel tower in paris, barcelona, madrid, cordoba, colosseum in rome, gondola in venice, pisa, amsterdam, munich, london)
sigh if only i have this limitless funds for travelling purposes...

1 comment:

wawamagic said...

u visited gondola in venice??? damn!!! dat's my dream vacation!!!

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