Thursday, February 10, 2011

OldCrush: An Inspiring Person ♛

org cte psl bf (hi dayah papatt =P), ko baru sebok dgn crush je. crush lme pulak tu haha gle tertinggal flight ko yah T_T duh. whateverrrr
So. Anyway.
          My first. real. serious. crush. happened when I was 16.3 years old. I was in upper forms of high school. couples are everywhere despite the teachers' 'NO!' to couplings lol. At first I didn't have any apple in my eyes (yes, that was intentional), but near the end of the first year, I found him.  To be more precise, he found me. I phrased it like that because he's the one who started talking to me first; I didn't even know of his existence, let alone speak to him before that. yeah I've always been like this.. not giving a damn about others except for a few people around me. I'd recognize some familiar faces, but remembering/knowing names might be too hard for me haha
          Then I started to get interested because he dared talk to me despite me giving people the cold attitude. I found out he's always been around some friends of mine, it's just that I totally didn't notice him. Like, he's actually in the same homeroom as my close friend, and he's a roommate of a classmate, or that he's in the same sports house. haha after some stalking (it's not that serious, i just looked around for him, and listened to any mention of him by other people, etc. etc.) I noted that although he's not quite a bishounen, he's kinda cute. He's taller than me (at least =p), got short hair (i can never stand a long-haired-dude), and wore glasses (megane-kun!! hahahh). At that point of time, I was thinking that I might like him, but not more than that; no serious admiration or anything.
          One day, I heard this beautiful azan calling from the musollah. I asked around, and what do you know, it was him alright. His 'admiration points' went up, up. I don't know if I ever loved him, but I definitely loved his voice. A few months after that, there was the final exam for that year, and there's an English essay question. sorry I can't remember what the question exactly was. No one knew this (except my girl-friends inside our gang), but I wrote a love story inspired by him. Really, it was easier than a piece of cake. While everybody else is rummaging through their brains thinking hard about some characters and plot and what-nots, I just think about him, and words came out. just like that. I wrote a full paragraph only describing him, and it took me like mere seconds. Then I imagined if he and I were indeed the main characters of a love story, and the story came so naturally.
          I wrote with speed and cheese, and by the end of that 1 hour and 15 minutes, my fingers were sweaty and cold, but my face was hot. I don't know if my face was blushing red or not, but I remember feeling with my hands, and it was hot like feverish-hot. And I just had this sense of satisfaction and self-accomplishment. I felt good. =D
          Early the following year, after we got back from the end-of-year holiday, my story got picked by our English teacher as an exemplary essay, and what do you know, each student got a copy of it. way to go, my love letter. thank god i didn't put any names in the story ^^; Then some of the girls in my class said how unfair that I can write that cheesy stuff without trying hard, that she had to really think and plan a story to make it touching, whereas I just wrote heartfelt stuffs like it was nothing. How can I wrote that kinda stuff without even feeling it? yeah, about that not feeling it thing, sorry that I lied and made it seems that way to you. that was a 100% my confession on a paper, and it got photocopied and spread to the whole batch, so of course I had to lie and said it was nothing. I was merely trying to keep my cool, man. I'm proud that my work's set as an example, but it's a bit embarrassing, after all. =P
Dear Encik , Thank You for inspiring one of the better essays I've wrote in my entire life. I guess if you really put your heart into something, people can truly feel it too .


cc said...

boleh bgtau mak lepas ni :p

wawamagic said...

cikna, sy sokong anda :D

yah, aku prnh nmpk bdk tu kat bas & youtube =P

Dr.Senbe said...

wau wa, aku pon x prnh nmpk die on youtube. ko lg maju dr aku haha

wawamagic said...

eh??? u're talking bout pakcik botak, kan???
yg naik basikal tu dia kan??
ko yg tnjk kt aku x kan la dh lupa!!! >.<

Dr.Senbe said...

haha lupe dh. ok wa ko boleh stop tmbh2 hints.

wawamagic said...

just to make sure.

raindrops_on_my_head said...

just read this.. suddenly felt like rummaging through my high school stuffs to find that essay~ :P

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