Sunday, February 06, 2011


     I am quite the vengeful type. no matter in non-personal matters, relationships, or friendship, once i feel wronged, i'd pay back in ten-folds. misusing my quite good memory, i can still remember who did what to me from around 10 years ago.
     for example, my parents never once slapped or hit my face, so i really am sensitive about that, and even when sparring, i don't hit people's face. that's me being respectful towards others. so really some people just dont know to treat others equally or respect them. i even have a list of people who had hit my face, and unless they specifically said to me "sorry for hitting your face, hit me back" i wont forgive them.
     i rarely feel jealous even if i kinda "like" a guy. even if he found a girl and date her, i'd be like 'okayy' and that'll be the end of it. maybe it's because (ju said this) i just like to look at him, not more than that, or maybe i just don't like him enough to get jealous, i just don't. well i dont get mad, i get even.
p/s: 'head' is different than 'face'. i don't mind being hit on the head, just not the face. a hit on the head is like a pat. "yosh, yosh, good boy" like that =p
p/p/s: i'm not your spare-tyre, and two can play the game, bitch.


cc said...

ok mek goat! ko sama mcm aku. klo org tu sengaja2 cari psl then xmintak maaf mmg aku tak maafkan ok. wpun raya ko hulur tgn kt aku, ckp "mtk maaf zahir batin" tp xsebut on that particular "kesalahan" mmg kem salam la aku nak maafkan. merasa la org tu cari aku kat pdg mahsyar nt. mcm si fiza mengenakan aku dgn surat cinta kat sariful dulu. sampai skrg aku tak maafkan. mampus la dia HA HA

kalau takat 'suka' tgk je, bila ko nak ade bf wehhh :p

Dr.Senbe said...

fiza sibling tiri ko? xde fiza lain kn. haha hingusan btol main kena2kan surat cinta
brckp psl salah2 n suke2 ni, yah nk mntk hampun sbb bce diari ko dulu hehehehehe =P

cc said...

aku pon sama!

kira seri atas kesalahan yg sama kannn? :p

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