Saturday, February 05, 2011


I have a glasses fetish.
Guys who I think is handsome without glasses, but hotter with a pair:
okay, they're handsome the way they are, but.
wearing that pair of glasses just add some extra edge to them
dah a my GenChem lab TA muke mcm chester!! srsly =3
real-life or manga/anime, hot guys are hott XDD
megane bishie!! haha
seriously, i don't even need to google these images up; i got them all stored and saved in my laptop =P I even like to dress myself up with one. (note that these pictures are 4 years old, they were taken during my freshman year, muke freshie habis ah haha)
naah. i'm just messing around, i'm not that yellow =P
being near/far-sighted is quite troublesome; you'd have to wear a pair of glasses and feel all 'restricted' around your eyes, or put on contact lenses, which i know is a hassle. you have to buy them, and that's more money out of your pocket, and you'll have to be careful with the products you put on your eyes because it's such a sensitive area. i'm just glad my eyesight is not that bad, if any. but having a glasses fetish is a whole different thing right.


wawamagic said...

harry potter is damn horrible with glasses. no offense. ;P

Dr.Senbe said...

that's why you don't see his picture up there =p
and no offence taken. at all.

cc said...

misti ko rajin masuk kelas TA tu kn? kalau aku pun! hensem tiada tandingan adalah rugi utk tidak dipandang hahahahaha

Dr.Senbe said...

tp tu time freshman..die dh grad kot skrg. n lab seminggu sekali je ='( tp mmg yah ske tanye soalan a time ade die hahahah

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