Friday, February 04, 2011

long-due haircut

          traveling with long hair is a no-no for me. it takes a lot of time to dry, and gets easily tangled up. so i've been wanting and needing a haircut ever since i came back from winter break trip last month. as i was too lazy to ask another friend to help me cut my hair, and lazier to go out to a salon, i took matters in my own hands, literally. equipped with a pair of scissors, a couple of talented hands, and a bucket-load of guts mixed with desperation, zip, zip, and zip i went.
          first i tied my hair, and cut it all a few inches past my ears. then i cut the front parts; leaving kinda some fringe. next i trimmed some uneven length hair from the back, and tidy up the fringe. i'm not too into long fringe, so i styled my hair all to the back. the shorter length front hair gives an overall lighter feel.
if cutting own hair is as easy as giving an anime character a hairstyle, i'll probably try out all this crazy hairstyles i found. but yeah, reality check is a bummer T_T
if you're an anime character, or someone who just has this awesome hairstylist, which haircut would you rock?


wawamagic said...

bald is the best

Anonymous said...

i want bald on my man, not on me lol

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