Sunday, February 13, 2011

the detached attachment

          Last summer, on a beautiful sunny day where breeze blew and birds chirped, I picked up a tiny bundle of joy. Six months passed, and he grew up handsomely (and big!). Raising him, of course I love him, but something other than that grew too; attachment. He likes to be near and cuddle with me, even when I was sleeping, studying, trying to go out, everything. Maybe he saw me as a replacement mother, for he was separated from his true mother at a very young age. I even fed him milk with bottle and nipple. Imagine taking care of him for 6 months, watching over him every single day, and being with him every single time, you can't help but getting attached. Even if you're thrown into living with a crocodile for a long, long time, you'd get attached and used to having it near you; you'll adapt to live with it. Now try imagining living with a cute, cuddly furrball. Wouldn't you'll get very attached to him?
          My sister said this: 'even with our many nephews and nieces, you'll feel differently about the ones you helped take care of.' Of course we love them all, but there's just this other-worldly feelings that you just can't compare to; special to the ones you brought up with your own hands. There's a mix of pride, joy, care, love, and many other happy, strong emotions.
Having him for so long, and then losing him, I certainly would need getting use to this new life without him. Goodbye my beloved, and even with my temperamental natures, know that you're loved.

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