Sunday, December 05, 2010

OldDiary [part1] giving and receiving

i used to have a diary back in elementary school. i started it around 5th-6th grade i think. it's not any fancy moleskin hardcover notebook; it's just one of the "science" long notebook used for school-work. plus, it's not so much of a everyday-diary. it's more to a place where i wrote about stuff that happened, stuff i'm happy about, stuff i'm NOT happy about, or just some stuff i wanted to remember or thought i'd like to reminisce about one day. anyway, i don't have it right here and now, but i still remember some of the old stuff i put into it.
damnit ape susah sgt nk search image notebook ni. type in notebook kluar gmbr laptop, search buku nota kluar gmbr bdk skolah. google buku nota panjang hambik ko gmbr ricky martin plak. the #%@* urghh whatever
one of the nonchalant, 'boring' entry is about my 12th birthday -my family had satay for dinner for the celebration. it's not much of a party actually; we just ate them as dinner and that's it. i think i got a few presents that year or the year before.. it was an oblong-shaped glass paperweight that have this blue gel inside (like sea water) and sand (like an island) and small plastic palm trees and a couple of surfers on surfboards. the other present was a teddy bear shaped piggy-bank i think. i'm not like my sister cikna; well she's kinda friendlier than me and more outspoken and so she knows how to ask for things from our big brothers/sisters, parents, etc. in my opinion she's more spoiled than me in that area. plus, i'm REALLY BAD at receiving presents. you know, how'd you happily say thanks or express your gratitude? it's so troublesome to have this monotonous voice and expressionless face. y'know, is there any mood-sticker like the mood-ring that you can stick up your forehead and tell people when you're happy or sad or what fucking ever? if you ever found one, give me a head up. i'll freakin' BUY IT.


wawamagic said...

science notebook? mmg kanak2

UMAH said...

buy 1 for me too!

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