Sunday, December 05, 2010

OldDiary [part2] bullying is no fun

1st things 1st: NO my name's NOT amy.
          i mentioned last time about a diary i used to keep. what i didn't mention was i wrote some poems and i put them in between the notebook pages. i was feeling very 'artistic' at that period of time i guess. i had some in English, and the rest in Malay. spare me some slack; with the limited vocab a 6th grader would have, i was basically writing more of a rhyme than an actual poem. i remember i had one about bestfriends, another one about friendship (yes i know it's a totally different topic between 'friends' and 'friendship') and a random one about the blue colour and Tasik Kaspia (the Caspian Sea).
impressive huh. i know about the Caspian Sea since i was 12
          apart from being an oddball and a control freak, another favourite past time of mine is manga/anime. i was exposed to and loved old-time favourites like Dragon Ball and Rurouni Kenshin (or more widely known as Samurai X in the West). like with friends, friendship, and Tasik Kaspia; i mostly wrote about things that i like. and so i wrote about Rurouni Kenshin. 
          but i'm not sure if that was a clever thing to do or not. you see i wrote some really sentimental stuff like romance and love and whatnot.. it's a bit 'mature' for a 6th grader brats. but hey i didn't wrote anything perverted. for god's sake the whole manga was soaked with this love/romance thing. so i just wrote what i got from the story. apparently it's too much for my classmates. not that i purposely showed them what i wrote or welcomed their feedbacks or anything.
          long story cut short -some of them were bratty enough to go through MY (ore-sama no) books/bags/files or whatever and they found these poems that i wrote. and they read them. and they talked about them. and then some time later some of them were like teasing me saying i wrote sentimental jiwang2 stuffs. i didn't really care what they thought about it, but the thought that they went through and read MY stuffs without permission and violated my privacy rights that irked me. i don't know where they got this idea that they somehow can tease me using the poems as the main material, but it's totally wrong. i mean, come on. sure, i was mad. so instead of thinking of further enraging me by revealing that they've read my poems, they should be scared if i found out about it. 
          so. one day, after class, there's this one girl who suddenly came up to me and talked about the stuffs i wrote. she was like "ehh i know what kind of stuffs you wrote.. some of the girls and me read it. you're soo cheesy (jiwang)" [note: this is the best English translation i can do to mimic her tone in Malay. anyway you should just know that it's trying-hard-to-be-nonchalant-but-at-the-same-time-stupidly-ignorant-of-the-mood-type of annoying] as soon as she mentioned that, the girls around us were like stopped in their tracks and tried not to join in the conversation. i glanced up around us to see who might 'some of the girls' might be. most of them were in/around cliques that girls i talked to but actually didn't care much about, so to hell with them. but a few (one or two) of them i actually liked and considered my close friends. i was not shocked though that she also read what i wrote or didn't try to stop the others; one: i wanted her to read them. two: she's just the kinda girl that won't initiate conflicts or confrontations. (see i'm a good friend right to understand and not blame her) 
          after a silent while, i simply stared back at the girl who spilled the beans. i didn't say anything but a "huh?" and a raised eyebrow. still stupid, she was still smiling and trying to make the tease work. i kept my stare and silence and naturally she went away by herself. you should be proud that i didn't actually hit her because she's a girl. and that was the end of any types of teasing me with the poems. 
at least i didn't glare at her like this. lol this would be too much for a 12 year-old
          i don't know if that counts as bullying, but whatever it was, the fact is i'm no fun as a victim. but yes i've indulged myself on the opposite end, and it was fun. i'm more fun as the bully i guess lol


wawamagic said...

dude, u're talking about zaman Renaissance kah?

Dr.Senbe said...

there's a reason why this is titled OLD diary. old diary is OLD

wawamagic said...

i tagged u.

raindrops_on_my_head said...

just stumbled on this entry... wow.. almost exactly what happened to me in form 1... i wasn't as tough as you, so i was scarred a bit... but hey, worst have happened since then! :P

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