Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sudden Nice! Coincidence [Crush Pt.3]

          hey heheeeeeeeeeeeee this post i mentioned about this cute guy.. i just met him again. *blushing with uncharacteristic gigglings* lol. you know they said things happen for a reason, and there's no chance if you don't take one? well THANK GOD & LUCKY ME i decided to sub for a co-reeve this afternoon. he (mr.B-my crush) has problems with his dorm's drainage system, flooding like that, and he came to the front desk I'm working at to look for some mops and pail, etc.
          First: I was happy to see him again after like, one semester not bumping onto him whatsoever. i'm an engineering major, and he's not, i think. plus i'm now a senior, and he's what, a sophomore? bcos when i was taking that japanese class with him, i was a junior and he's a freshman. (no i'm not a pedo. sobs.)
          Second: HE'S STILL MORE CUTESTESTESTEST *insert brain shutting down sound here* he cut his hair; not sure when. (like i said it's been a long time since i last saw him.) but his hair's definitely shorter than before. SO CUTE. CUTE. CUUTTTEEEE ♥♥♥
          Third: he remembered me!! *grins* hehe he said "were you in some japanese class before?" i said yeah, like last year. so he said that's why i look familiar lol. and we talked a bit about the japanese class, and if we have taken/or going to take another japanese class, etc. and then about the mop and the pressing matter of flooding. yeah back to business. *sigh* who cares about business ethics and professionalism let's mix pleasure and business i say
          To conclude, I open-handedly, warm-heartedly, welcome all the floodings and lock-outs of his dorm. as long as he's the one coming to the front desk. and only when i was there. haha keji x.
ETA1: ah. i just noticed that that last post about my mr.B was on Friday, too. =D i hereby crown Friday as my fav day *♥hearts♥*
ETA2: small pictures of him.
covered that little kid in the picture bcos it's illegal to post pictures of underage kids without their parents' consent. i'm an upright nerd. what.
the smallest one is of him shirtless working on a rooftop. some skin baring. whoots
totally in stalker-mode. BRB.

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