Saturday, October 16, 2010

extra pheromone-sensor

now: scientific backing to this female smell =))
seriously, i can sense, no scrape that. i am actively-affected by those pheromones out there. you know how some girls can be like all-sexy and seductive and sensuous or suddenly becoming cute all of a sudden right. like they have some on/off switch. i am VERY alert/aware of those. you see usually, generally speaking, i am a straight person; i like guys and all. but i cant help but picking up those pheromone vibes flying around. i sensed them, then my body just reacted on its own accord. seriously i'm not just a random pervert. it was induced, i tell you. there have been a few cases when they said that i was like a lesbian, but i'm not.

Case 1:
last year there was a birthday party of a friend, then there's this girl. we were taking pictures, and then suddenly my hands just grabbed her and i was feeling like i wanted to kiss her. and one guy-friend said that the scene reminded him of a youtube lesbian clip. point one: i wasn't going to kiss her on the lips or anything, i just wanna give her a peck on the kissing kids/babies. point two: you watch pr0n on youtube?!!

Case 2:
half a year ago, similar incident. there's another girl giving off these pheromone-full vibe, i just wanna hug her.

Case 3:
last week. we were taking pictures, and you know how girls they pose sideways, and then there's her cheek in front of me. i'm an honest person: i saw cheeks, i kissed 'em cheeks.

well i thought there's nothing wrong with girls kissing girls' cheeks. i come from a big family with a ton of nephews and nieces; i kissed them a lot. so kissing cheeks is like the usual for me..nothing out of the ordinary i guess. sure, i like guys but i also like 'observing''s the same with like beautiful things. that doesn't make me any less straight right.

p/s: anyone have extra testosterone-sensor? i need one of 'em lol. well anyway.

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