Sunday, November 14, 2010

criticism on the web
Have you guys seen the Malaysian dance mob flash for 2PM? Apparently there's a video of it on youtube, and someone reposted it on facebook. but with a little twist.
you see, the one posted on YT is by the original fan who's involved in the dance flash, and for the purpose of expressing their support for 2PM. it's purely by fan and as far as i know, doesn't pose any harm or ill-being towards other people.
tell me again; why does that video trigger such scathing comments from these FB users?
I really don't mind if they want to 'insightfully, yet amicably' discuss this issue, like some of their comments addressed that as some of the girls in the video are muslims, they should consider their image and all.
no, on 2nd thoughts; they didn't say anything about how this sits with our religion, but rather how this gives shame to Melayu la, wtv. oh now race comes before religion? yea how "wise" of you.

the thing that i find most lame (lamest?) about their comments are that they were attacking these girls on personal basis. sure, you're stupid yet you still have stupid thoughts of your own, but that doesn't allow you to spit out bullshits like that about other people. 
if the comments were posted by decent and wise-looking people, and the comments were worded nicer and more like it's actually written by a human with a brain, i won't be this mad. i'll accept that everyone has opinions on matters, and they're entitled to say what's on their mind.
just judge for yourself; these people were saying bad things about the girls in the video, while they themselves were probably just too lame for it.

criticism is not a bad thing; but what these guys wrote wouldn't fit in that category. it's more like bashing.

want to hear me bashing you?
ko kate org mcm pelacur, tp ko tu tergedik2 mcm monyet in heat xpe pulak.
klo dorang berdosa sbb terkinja2 mcm ni, ko tau x gmbr ko ngan balak ko main cucuk2 pipi tu berdosa, haram lg teruk dr sentuh babi. tau x?
ko kate diorang menari mcm berenang, ko menari mcm katak lah?
ko kate pompuan2 ni memalukan, awek ko, ko confirm x lg memalukan?
kate dorang muke x cun lah, muke mcm ape lah, hey bro. have you check yourself out in the mirror lately?
harap je pakai tudung, mulut busuk. adoyai

end of story: we're fellow humans. what hurts other people would hurt you too. don't do unto others what you don't want for yourself.
the internet is not yours. it's not mine either.

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