Monday, May 10, 2010

familiar territory

i guess there's some comfort in knowledge or being in some familiar territory.
i'm sure changes are good for to freshen up things, or open up to new things in life, (and i'm a fan of good moving and new places) but sometimes there's just this comfort in your safe-zone. it's just like being in water. you like playing in it, but with only one look you won't know for sure how deep it will be, or how safe is it to jump into. but if it's someplace you've gone to, and swim in before, you know how deep it is, and so you'd feel quite less hesitant to jump in right. I guess i'm the type that needs to know exactly what i'm going in for before i even consider to do it. (or following through with the water analogy; i'd need to take a huge-ass ruler and measure its depth, check what organisms live in there; who knows if there could be an anaconda or a shark, the flow rate, and whatnots..before i decide to actually decide whether i want to jump in) haha no wonder i got diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Facebook =p kinda like a control freak..

writing this reminds me of how i used to choose between staying in a closer to home boarding school, or to transfer to a further one. After i got the results for my exams, i got offered to transfer to a new, (supposedly) better, but further up north school. so i sat down and write the pros and cons of each. i remembered one of them is that while it is good to be in a known territory, sometimes it's also good for a change of pace or place. so to leave my comfort zone, i did choose to transfer.

As i said before, i'm a big fan of new places. a new place opens up doors that you might not bump into at your old place, but sometimes it also closes some back at the old place. it's just a matter of view which do you think you want. You meet new people; make new friends, but also it couldn't be helped that you just lose the time you could be spending with the old circle of friends. I should stop thinking that life is something linear. because it's not. life is a bunch of decisions you make everyday. lol reminds me of the rumoured 'butterfly effect'.

i'm not trying to sound philosophical, or melodramatic, or anything actually.. this post coincides with our annual move-your-asses-into-new-dorms fever, but actually i just thought of this issue of comfort of familiar territory versus getting out of your safe-zone when i decided to scroll down the list of animes, and still, after all these years, i just couldn't help getting attracted to the old time favourites. I'm a badass anti of a screw-you-i-dont-care-for-plot plot, so storyline matters to me. i really hate it when i got pretty absorbed in a story, then it goes haywire, like the author got brainwashed by the 'power to be's.. (or something like that) so often i checked the storyline first; if it's a book, i'd go read some of its prologue or intro, then i'd open up some random pages near the end t check if i like the later parts of it or not ^^;; haha yeah i know it's quite tiresome. but with ongoing series, like manga or anime, i can't really do that. what? read the first few chapters, and then call kubo tite to ask what'll happen to ichigo 5 years later? (or who he'll get to *ehem*ehem* at that matter XDD) even with dramas, i'd wait for a few episodes first before i start watching it.

it's just like what i've been babbling about..whether you want to take the risk to get into it or not. life is a bunch of decisions, and your life; every minute of it depends on how you decide to decide things. like a few minutes ago, you decided to spend some of your life time reading this. thank you for your a few minutes spent, then. =P

p/s: bleach (manga) is probably one of the only ones i followed since day 1, and have kept following without fail since. and i started to like it on my own, unlike some of the other series which i liked after being influenced by my brothers/sisters/friends.. if dragon ball is the dragon ball of my brothers' time, then bleach is like
the dragon ball of my time, dou kana ^^;

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