Friday, May 14, 2010

stoopid drream

dreams rarely make sense, and it's supposed to be like something abstract and incomprehensible in that abstract way. but last night dream had me like HUH?!! *wtf facepalm* T_T

normally i wouldn't flip out if that dream only had people i don't know..that'll be just another dream with nameless faces.. last night dream looked so not-abstract, and the characters in it were played by people that i know. it added tons of surreality to the dream, that it almost turned into a nightmare *sweatdrop*

in the dream, i was with 2 of my girl there's 3 of us girls. and then there's these 2 guys. i know them in a sense that i know their names, and that's it. i don't know who they hang out with, or how they're like when they're with their friends. i don't even know their last (fathers') names. lol (i think) i've never even spoken to them personally. you see how random and weird this gonna be?

anyway. so there's 5 of us as the main characters. we were going to somewhere on a trip i guess. then one of the guys acted quite disturbingly, and the other guy, seeing that his friend acted in that inappropriate way, protected my 2 girl friends from him. i was offended with how the 1st guy acted. at first i was like HUH? (somewhat like the huh from above), then when he said something really, really nauseatingly disturbing, i just ran away to the other guy with my 2 friends. that weird 1st guy was too close to me, that i disgustingly could see each and every pore on his face. see how weird that's gonna be on me. being the weird and cold thing i am, i've kept my distance with non-family guys, so seeing things like that in my dream is really like having a nightmare. ^^;;

i said we were like on a trip, right. so after that incident, we went back to sleep, and you know those dreams that you dreamed that you were dreaming, and then you woke up in the dream? this is something similar to that feeling. in the dream, we were all shocked with what happened, so we went back to the hotel (?) at the end of the day. the other guy said to sleep it over, and hoped that tomorrow's gonna be better. so we slept. in that dream, i dreamed that i was having a dream that all that happened was a dream, then i woke up with a start, only to being told by my friends and the other nice guy that it wasn't.

then we continued on our trip to the next destination. i stuck really close to the other 2 girls, so nothing happened. then the weird guy (in my dream only, he's pretty normal in real life, i think) suddenly appeared in front of us.

then i woke up to the alarm of my phone. with the alarm still going off, i lied in bed, staring at the ceiling and blinking away like an idiot mulling over was the dream over or was i still dreaming that i was dreaming? it took me a few times of auto-snooze before i got back the sense of being 'awake'.

i've dreamed of many things before; from being chased away by a teacher/classmates, beating up someone, and to dating a girl..but THIS tops them all.

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