Wednesday, January 27, 2010

obliviously blurry

thinking back at what i did long ago, i feel so embarrassed now. gahh. those shameless actions. *slaps self 5 times*

1. I once recklessly hit/punched a boy that pissed me off. 
Apart from his attitude, i was kinda mad that people were sprouting, mocking me with gossips. at that time i was really kinda anti-(non-classmates) boys. we had a field trip, and he was being a goody-two-shoes sucking up to the teachers despite his actual attitude, so i was especially pissed off that day, and i just hit him when he got near me.. T_T well he was kinda shocked that i did, but then i just walked away like nothing happened. 
then during PLKN, he visited his (girl?)friend (i know her too; she's from the same school and went to the same PLKN camp as me), i did went up to greet them..well i am their old schoolmate, after all =p but would be kinda awkward if i suddenly say "im so sorry for hitting you back then" right? so: arif/jedi, a sori a. dulu bdk2 lg..mntk maap =p
actually until a few years back, i still didnt thought much about this..i thought it was kinda normal for people to hit other people when they're angry..haha yeah you could blame all those shounen/fighting comics i read since my childhood? =p i only felt a bit sorry/remorseful after idee mentioned that his face really showed how shocked he was; being hit like that out of the blue, and she felt a bit kesian towards him..ahha my bad. again, sorry?

2. my fighting/quarrel quotes is quoted out of books, novels, etc.
i was really troublesome, wasnt i? *sighs* i was in a lot of arguments..having unstable emotional swings every now and then didnt help either..and so in the heat of battle, i just sprout nonsense that came to mind; usually lines from books =p haha who did i think i was? a hero?

3. useless gestures that never occured to me as shoujo-ish. 
ok i never think much out of this, but last night i was reading a shoujo manga, and there's this scene/chapter where the boy and girl swapped they felt all cheesy and sentimental with those flowery, sparkling background and all.. and it reminds me of how i swapped mine with a male classmate's, minus the unnecessary cheesy stuffs =p my chapter went like 
"oh, a swatch. nice" 
*he put on my swatch*
*took his and wore it* 
"oh it fits"
"let's exchange"
"ok, take care it's a new swatch!"
yeah. like a guy to a guy deal XDD and reading the shoujo manga makes me like what? is this supposed to be shoujo-ish??!! *wtf face* 

(there's a lot more, but my brain wont allow me to recall too many brain-damaging memories at one time =p)
im sure you all have those moments too, so gutsy enough to share them? *chuckles*

look at what reading too much shoujo manga has made me become..

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