Thursday, January 07, 2010

i'm being kind in a mean way

ok. i take pride in my english. 
apart from some tense mistakes i did in my exam essays, i tried rly hard not to make any in everyday life.
i take pride in understanding what the native speakers said. 
during recent trip, we ate at a vietnam/thai restaurant, and that auntie-owner was so kind and friendly; she chatted with us, and when we were walking out to the cars, she even hugged me. i was a bit taken aback, but i tried to compliment the shop in my gourmet-est language i know; that is, using some slang i picked up from channel 55. there's this program called 'good eats', hosted by alton john or something..but he often say "now that's a good eat", or "i bid you a good eating", etc. so really, when i said "it was a good eat", people should know what i mean right. 
but i guess i was overestimating those guys around me, for obviously they didn't know. ah. ignorance. what a cruel thing.
i guess i could be nice and tell them right there and then if they had an ounce of balls to say it right to my face, but no, they just talked about my "slip of words" in their ignorant circle. so i was being 'kind' not to confront them. yeah you just had a good laugh thinking that i did a mistake, but really, that was your own miss. 

on another separate note; god what an asshole. as i'm growing up, i think i've toned down a bit, not being as loud and rash i used to be..
this guy's a total jerk in my list. bringing up the tales from the past DC trip to a freshman, putting the blames on me, saying everything like his opinion's absolute..well to me he sounded like a middle-aged man who complains about everything. seriously, if we met before now, like for example, during my lower forms or so, i'd be cursing and yelling and giving him hell to no ends. well although that night i did gave him the finger and some excellent words of curses, i still felt like he totally deserves a lot more than that. ah it's been rare for me to get that fired up now. 
want to reopen the tales from DC? ok know why i was reluctant to follow behind the other cars? because those 2 sedans are driving un-safely. if you want to take the lead, then do it properly, not 2 cars zooming side-by-side, leaving no space for any car from behind to pass. i was driving on cruise that evening, so really, which idiots braked from 80mph down to 60-something in highway for a slight curve? i hate breaking my cruise, you see..that's why them driving side-by-side is dangerous, because i HAD to brake to avoid colliding with any one of them. and then, when i managed to break from them; i sped up some distance from them to avoid their dangerous drivings, they sped up too, and the whole scene replayed. so. is it still MY fault? WHAT THE FUCK.
then. on the way back from DC, it was raining heavily that night, and noel was the one right in front of me, and apart from some other KELING driving, the one i absolutely cannot forgive is when he passed a truck, then he slowed down, that i was right beside the truck. seriously, there's no car in fron of him, so why the fuck wasn't he speeding some more, so that we could safely pass the truck? i even flashed him, but was ignored. then i sped up and changed lane to try to get in front of him, but then, he suddenly sped up and wouldn't let me get in front of him. now that's KELING. did he thought that i was playing some kinda weird games here? it was raining, damn it.
i mean, these guys; were they that egoistic, they wouldn't let me be in front of them? seriously, what the hell. 

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