Saturday, December 05, 2009

crush p2

i couldn't find any decent-sized, or quality of him..
no im not a stalker. i just googled him once. or twice. or __ ok. a few times! 
n i just couldn't suddenly add him on fb.. he'd think im weird T_T 
just before our japanese class started, he hummed this song. i didn't recognize what it was, but hey..that's not important.
the main point is how cute he looked when humming it XDD
then, then, his usual partner in class came in, and they talked about something, 
(im not eavesdropping. everyone in class noticed this exchange and we goodheartedly laughed OK) and then he went "oh rly. hmm. 'maybe', xxx-san?" with that (^up there^) face; he had this one brow up, and a smirk, and he looked like some rly evil kid; which, everyone knows, is a total killer.
there. that's how productive my friday was.

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