Saturday, November 21, 2009

of New Moon

-warnings: no spoiler whatsoever, just what you're expected to cope with in the cinema-

*the title appeared, after like half an hour waiting (we went early to get good seats, but apparently even then, there's quite a number of people already in the theater..)*
audience: *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* yeah... 
me: omg and it's only the title..

*bella tried a lot of 'exciting, adrenaline-pumping' things* (this is not a spoiler right, it's in the trailer)
audience: *gasps*
me: *where's edward?*

*Jacob appeared, with hot-shot body, and shirtless, and it was raining, on top of that*

my friends & other audience: *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* *gasps* OMG X3
my friends & other audience: *giggles* heeheeheee
me: *where's Edward?*
while waiting, i was jokingly saying that before the movie start, we'd have to choose whose team are we in; and she said she's in jacob's. 
so all those reactions above make me in team edward? =P

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