Thursday, April 09, 2009

i made a freakin skirt =p

i made a skirt.

an old denim of mine had a slight tear recently, 
and i was looking for a long skirt for this spring/summer, 
and then i found a website about how to make a denim skirt out of jeans, 
and i figured why not =p

i sew it by hand, because i don't have a sewing machine here (plus i've no idea how to use one)
it took me the whole evening (minus dinner preparation time -so it's about 5 hours more or less)
it's light blue, and the cut is so random; maybe it's a straight cut with a bit mermaid style..? haha
no pictures right now; i don't have a mannequin to model it. 
but i think it's wearable and plausible enough, or not horrid enough that people will think it's strange. 
overall, it's a plain denim skirt. =)

p/s: never imagined the sewing skills learned in school will be of use right now huh =p
p/p/s: my fingers & hand are hurting though [3_3'] 
-oh yeah forgot to mention that the needle i used is now a little bent/crooked. LOL

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