Tuesday, April 14, 2009

how tall am i again?

apparenty, i'm quite tall. 

remember that i said i was searching for a skirt for this spring/summer?
well i found this denim-skirt-selling-website. i browsed under Long Denim Skirts-Regular (i assumed that it's just fine for my height) i bought one (they had a special 20% off spring sale)
The description of this skirt says that it has a floor length of 38.5", and i measured my jeans; about 36/37". 
my jeans are quite long; it passed my ankle by a good 1" or 1.5". so the skirt should be pretty long and pass my akles by at least 2", right?
well, apparently, no. it falls right by my akles; no extra inches, no nothing. 
it's not that i'm dissatisfied with the skirt. i love it, it's pretty. 
it's just that i'm shocked. ahhaha i'm at the higher-end of average-height girls?
(and i can't wear it with my wedges flip-flop =p)

i guess the manufacturer measured their lengths to be wore on hip, not waist.
and i should start shopping under 'tall' sections? lolz 

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