Saturday, October 17, 2009

bad day. bad head.

1st thing 1st: i really despise doing dishes. even more so other people's dishes. i really dont mind if you wanna let the dishes pile and stack in the sink, but then dont expect me to do them bcos i didnt put my personally used dishes into that pile. that's why i would rather everybody do their own because i know i will get irritated when i see a pile of (other people's) dirty dishes filling the sink to the brim, and then no one's gonna do them. 

2nd: dude how long will it take for you to take the stuff, carry them and pass them to the guys outside the door? i ask you to wash the pot, you dont want to. then while i was washing the pot in your fucking ass's stead, GO GET THE STUFF TO THE BOYS YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. how many second do you think for 2 or 3 people to do that? what a stupid bunch of fucking idiots im tellin ya. oh so dya think youre the only ones with schoolworks and stuffs to do. stayed in room, pretending not to hear anything nor wanting to do anything. we did the open house together. so man up and be responsible for the aftermath together. it's not like youre the only one who had worked hard for the open house. everybody else did too. I DID TOO. well on second thoughts, i remember the one doing the dishes were deli me aliya and bell. dayah had a bio test that upcoming monday. well i guess bae (and sabi? i dont remember sabi being there or not) are just plain TOO BUSY TO EVEN BOTHER with it. (and if youre wondering, yeah that was sarcasm). what i was mostly mad about was how all of you pretty much stayed in your rooms after i pretty much yelled for somone to go take the stuffs out while i was cleaning the pot, the coleman and the tray. HOW HARD IS THAT? HOW LONG WOULD IT TAKE? seriously. common sense and civics; you dont really have those, do you. 

3rd: dont take things for granted sissies. i do what i like, but dont go assuming that im gonna do what you'd like me to. snang cte, we're peers, not family. there's a line between a family and friends. treat me as your equal; not one inch above, nor one inch beneath you. AKU BUKAN KULI BATAK KORANG. i do cook; that's true. but with no intention of "i am cooking this for them to eat", i cook with "i want to eat this, let's eat together". see the difference? with how things stand right now, i got the vibe that you're seeing it as more of the 1st one. ok that was just an example. seriously, i am feeling like the way you are now are not worthy of my deed. 

respect a org lain. ko bengang gak kalau aku buat kat kau camtu. pikir a. kite bukan family; klo buat salah cmne pon, still ade talian darah, x putus. ni sesame kawan. lain. differentiate skit attitude korang towards family and kawan. kawan kalau gaduh bole jd teruk. kalau bengang pon bole gaduh. dah besar pandai2 a pikir camne nak behave. x kan tu pon nak kena masuk blaja dlm academic course baru korang nak tunjuk effort nak dpt A+. kamon a; attitude cam td tu cam drama high school je. grow up man. sume org pon ade keje masing2, sume org pon ade hal sndiri2, x yah a nk selfish brkurung dlm bilik bile you're needed (ade org tu kt luar tgh tunggu, ni dh kire masuk isu adab dh ni bile tuan rumah buat BODOH bile ade org ketuk pintu). aku ade gak homework, tp bile korang nmpk aku lepak je kt luar tu jgn assume aku xde keje; to each his own; mase korang buat keje is not necessarily my time to do work. x kan bnde skjp mcm td pon xde sape bole tolong kejap kot? kamon a. bullshit btol. 

p/s: n yeah. my pms's in full blast. but then again i find this GREAT coz otherwise i'd be too cool and dontminddontmind to throw a tantrum. 

p/p/s: ok another trivial but troublesome thing: know why i put that notice to return the glass as drawn in the note back to the sink? notice the particular drawing: it's my particular glass. so if you feel troublesome to return the glass back to the sink after using it, dont use my glass. use the other ones. it's my glass, so really put it where i want it to be. if you have a problem with it, just dont touch my stuff. easy. 

p/p/p/s: totally not posting this to the other place. totally intending for school people to read, and burn, baby, BURN.

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