Tuesday, November 04, 2008

what should i do? seriously.

man. ignorance is indeed a bliss.

i've been ignoring my friends' issues and not knowing a damn thing about what they are doing for quite a some time, i guess. i want to believe that they are not doing anything i would find not agreeable. i want to be a not busy-body, queen-controlling friend. i just want to have faith in them.

when you found out, or hear rumors/stories that your friends are suspected of conducting somewhat 'bad' behavior, what should you do?

should i remain the same; ignorant and naive to the extent of just carelessly selfishly skimming past these issue?

from the bottom of my heart, i feel like talking to them. but then again, i feel quite out of place to do so; like i'm not qualified to.

i'm not a facebook/friendster/blog stalker, so i guess i don't know much details anyway.. but the stories i've heard, came not only from inside Vandy.. well then, is that a sign that i really should start caring about my friends more?

i want to seriously talk to them, i really do. and please don't resent me if i do offend you when i meet you. you may say what i'm doing then is out of love, dear, because i do care for you.

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