Thursday, October 23, 2008

OHNO-ful dream

last  night. i was sleeping (unlike usual).. bcos class start back today. so i have to sleep. u do understand right. 

anyway. i dreamt that i went to see Arashi's concert, with my lil nephew. my seat was somewhat above the stage, then there's this scene where riida came near my seat, singing, so i was totally screaming "OHNO!!!!!!!" XDD n i think riida heard that, n he stopped for a while n looked in my direction. IT WAS A BLISS   XDD (shut up dont remind me it was just a dream [=_=] ) 

but then suddenly the venue changed, n me n my nephew were now near some lake.. but there's ohno on some boat (yeah my dream basically concludes all infos i know in reality =p) but the thing is; there's this red-black-yellow somewhat-rattle-snake-like snake near where we were. my nephew saw that snake, n he pointed that out to me. n me, being i am, picked up a stick nearby, n went after it. long story cut short, i managed to kill that snake. n somehow, arashi. ARASHI came to me n asked me what i was doing, n when i showed them the dead snake, they took it, fillet it, n make the snake as fishing baits. FISHING BAITS. how much more ohno-like can my dream be?!! XDD 

n the dream ended with that.. [-_0] 
n when i woke up, i was totally exhausted. n no way im in a mood to go to class.. so err.. i.. erkk i cut class X0 
damn. im pretty messed up [=_=] 

p/s: but of course, i didn't n don't n won't ever regret having this dream. EVER XDD hahahh

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