Wednesday, July 30, 2008


i've been postponing myself to write this post, but i guess it's time, yeah? 

[Noli Me Tangere] 
Don't Touch Me 

human makes me wonder, and ask, why are (some of) human so lenient, and carefree about touching2/ skinship between different gender? it's a sin, right. (well, mostly the guys are the ones more lenient about this stuff. but i do acknowledge that some guys do care. *smiles*)

i practically don't care very much about what's other people's stance in this, or how socially 'touchable' you are, 
or even how you choose to hug/kiss/touch other people.. just take note that NOT ALL girls/guys like or feel comfortable about skinship with different gender. n thus, please(x3) restraint urself from making assumption that it's fine touching them. 

bcos, i, for one, AM TOTALLY NOT FINE with it! 
to be frank, im not really the very religious, good type girl, but this is my principle, which ive been raised n taught with. n so, if u cant fear punishment in hell for urself, please restraint urself from touching other people that actually do. i mean, ive got enough sins already without u helping me add some more! [=.=] 

coming to America really challenges my stand in this matter. i mean, it's rude right to actually refuse to shake hands, without thhem understanding, n i'm too lazy to explain [-.-] but uh well, i'll make sure next time some male wants to shake hands with me, i'll say i have a severe eczema *grin*

but then again, since back in Malaysia, my guy friends give me a raised eyebrow when i ask them to give me some space, some said i was trying to be a goody2 girl, n some even promote me to an ustazah level..hahahh i mean, seriously? me, an ustazah? 

i know i'm far from ustazah-level right now, but if that's what it takes to avoid guys touching me, then let it be! 
i dont care if other people see me, and call me as kampung, conservative, or whatsoever, as long as u keep ur hands off me, i dont care. 

those trivial matter of how others perceive urself, compared to Our Creator's judgement, u choose n decide for urself, which one's more important. 

p/s: my roomate knows why i write about this, and believe me, she shares the same thoughts. n if i am to be called ustazah, it's an honor for me, although i know how unworthy i am to be called that. =] 
p/p/s: this topic has nothing to do with whatever happens today or whatsoever, it's just my observation of past incidents.. i've said that i kept posponing this post right.. for more information, please contact bell at +1615-421-XXXX. LOL

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