Friday, August 15, 2008

the sadist me

ahh-- cho mendokusai! minna sukareru
i dont hate my life, i dont. but that doesnt stop me from hating u, even if ur in my life. 
let me be. LET ME BE! dont be a busybody. 

i dont like u 
bcos i hate the way u speak 
the way u think ur always on the right side 
how ur stubborn in ur own way 
the way ur eyes are like trying hard to reprimand others 
n for being careless, 
n just plain stupid. 

i dont hate u. 
i just dont like u. 

its said that the person we hate somehow resembles our own selves. 

i know that i hate people who has traits that i hate in myself. 
thats a given fact. 

im trying hard to be someone that has my ideals, 
n thus i hate it when others stop trying to be better. 
i just do. 
n thinking ur all mighty n righteous is a sign that uve stopped trying. 
so just let me give u a good beating on ur head 
n mold u to my liking honey 

im a sadist, really. 
i like it when i hurt u. 
cos i know ur hurt by me, 
n ur hurting doesnt hurt/bother me, at all. 
u wanna cry? 
go ahead, baby 
but dont go expecting me to comfort u. 

girls are difficult creatures. 
i just cant stand their ASS 
ore wa do-S.

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